In-Jokes Coaster Set


This set of coasters is called the “In-Jokes” and they are all based on happenings around coal-fired and inspired by our manager Casey Schumacher, and created by the one and only Matt Wyatt.

Coal-fired regulars remember Jane, but most of you didn’t know that Jane would bring bananas to work, and one Saturday night, she labeled her banana “Sunday Banana”, Casey snapped what I believe to be an epic picture and the rest is history.

During the time of almost all music venues requiring proof of vaccination, believe it or not, we received several accidental nudes when people would frantically try to find their vaccine picture in their phones. We used to have to practice an un-Godly amount of patience as we watched people scroll their phones for an extended period of time frantically searching. Casey created a funny little video titled Dude with the Noods and some people were entertained. .

Sometime during the pandemic, Paisha made us a Goddess with her own hands for luck. I used to rub her belly and she was always in sight. One day, she shattered to pieces and I thought, “well this must mean we are truly fucked” and I made Casey superglue her back together again, and then he snapped another epic picture.

Some of our coal-fired staff struck quick and short fame, a one hit wonder if you will, when Casey created a music video he dubbed “Superstar in a Car” At the end of the video we shoot into space and I’m not really sure why we went to space, but it had over 10,000 views.