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Lydia Brownfield’s Albatross City

Singer/songwriter Lydia Brownfield’s latest project, Albatross City, is an audio-visual, multi-media event showcasing Lydia’s original songs accompanied by original video. The three-piece ensemble includes Ty Landrum on a standing “cocktail” drum kit equipped with acoustic and electronic percussion, and Jeff Dalrymple and Lydia switching between bass guitar, and a variety of other guitars.

The songs were written with purpose and are each accompanied by a short film/video created by Lydia. The show is crafted with close attention to detail including pre-recorded sound effects setting moods, and for changing of instruments among the group. Their sound is a twist of swampy pop, and indie singer/songwriter, with electronic undertones.

Still with catchy hooks and the memorable choruses that Lydia is known for, the songs feel explicitly poignant, and deal with the often bipolar mix of emotion that is our collective human experience. Thoughtfully twisted with beauty and rage, there’s an underlying theme which is the blessing and curse (not unlike the metaphorical albatross around one’s neck) that plagues artists everywhere.

Food & Bar: Our full food and drink menu will be available before and during the show.


Date: Saturday, January 20

Time: 9:00 pm

Doors Open: 8:00 pm